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Rebuild Program

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Refurbish Program

Harrison has long stood behind the machines it has produced. Assuring that each customer is able to maximize the life and productivity of their Harrison machine. Also to be able to take advantage of the new technology and improvements Harrison develops on a regular basis.

Refurbish instead of replacing or trading in an older Harrison machine often it is much more cost effective and beneficial. Bring it back to the same condition and possibly even better capability as when it was new. This program is what many consider a Rebuild. More details on this program are available by clicking the Refurbish link on the left, Before & After example pictures included .

Rebuild at Harrison is not what many would expect rather it is more like a re-manufacture program. An older machine is transformed into a new machine with all of the latest features and capabilities using as many salvageable components as possible to significantly reduce the cost as compared to a new machine built from scratch. More details on this program are available by clicking the Rebuild link on the left, Before & After example pictures included.

Installation & Start-Up Training or assistance services are offered with each machine purchase either at Harrison before shipment or at your site.

Operational & Maintenance Training for operators and maintenance personnel is included with the Installation & Start-Up training at Harrison or at your site.

Technical Assistance by phone and email is available during normal business hours, USA eastern time zone.

Replacement Parts available in kits or individually, see Parts page, can be ordered through this site or by email, fax, or phone.

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