Harrison has started a new program for our customers to help make machine maintenance more efficient, to reduce replacement parts cost, and to help maximize machine up time.

We suggest instead of purchasing individual parts as needed that a Replacement Parts Kit be ordered. This will facilitate replacing all worn parts in a particular sub-assembly based in the presumption that if one part needs to be replaced chances others of that type will too in a short time. By replacing all the parts in the kit additional downtime for replacement of other worn parts in the same sub-assembly can be avoided. Kits allow maintenance to do a more complete job in less time resulting in increased machine up-time.

Parts Kits are offered for each major sub-assembly at a discount, all kits will include appropriate drawings and instructions to reduce time looking them up in the manual.

Kits come in 2 types:

  • “P” = Normal wear replacement parts
  • “R” = Rebuild parts for an older machine sub-assembly.

There are many Harrison machine models and types some in operation for several decades thus it necessary to quote each kit separately to insure the right parts are included. Please go to the Parts Kit selector box on the left to request a Kit Quote. A reply quote will follow with a list of all kit components part numbers, quantities, drawing reference, each part’s list price, a total kit discounted price, and delivery availability.