Single Station Cold Box Core Machines

Increase Core Making Productivity & Utilization

  • Semi-Automatic Operation: the machine drives the core making process for predictable results.
  • Quick Change Core Box Mounting System: available, change boxes in just a few minutes instead of the better part of an hour.
  • Advanced Process Control: helps to make the cure cycle more efficient and facilitates a reduction in the amount of binder needed.
  • High Speed Operation: high efficiency pneumatics enable faster Dual Station machine times than most other single station machines.

Increase Core Making Production & Cost Control

  • Recallable Optimized Recipes: On machine memory allows the correct recipes for each core box to be recalled making process repeatability possible.
  • Process Repeatability: keeps production predictable with semi-automatic operation and minimal operator involvement.
  • Productivity, Utilization. & Repeatability; equal Production & Cost Control with recallable optimized recipes, limited operator involvement, and process repeatability.

Core Machine Expandability

  • Second Station: can be added when demand requires additional capacity.
  • Advanced Productivity: when expanded into a Dual Station System no additional operators are required.

Reduce Core Making Energy & Emissions

  • Superior Productivity and Utilization: equal fewer Harrison machines are required to meet capacity demand.
  • Fewer Machines equal less core making energy used.
  • Lower Energy Usage equals less related energy consumption emissions.
  • Smart Cure System reduces the amount of binder needed reducing cost and emissions.
  • Lower Emissions equals less cost for regulations compliance and lower remediation expenses.
  • Higher Productivity & Fewer Machines means more cores per energy & labor unit equals lower operating cost.
  • Lower COST-per-CORE equals a quick payback & higher margins equal an increased Competitive Advantage.

Cold Box Core Machine Specifications:

ModelMax Box CapacityBlow Cap
1016-SC10”H x 16”W x 6”D20lbs / 5L
1616-SC16”H x 16”W x 10”D35lbs / 9L
1818-SC18”H x 18”W x 10”D40lbs / 10L
2424-SC24”H x 24”W x 10”D70lbs / 20L