N-Series Greensand Matchplate

Harrison Mold Machine -N-Series


Core & Mold Making Videos

The only greensand machine designed to be a transition machine between manual and high volume mold making enabling job shop, small, and medium foundries to compete with State-of-the-Art technology without a huge investment, large floor space requirement, significant infrastructure replacement and additions, or protracted installation.

Replace Manual Squeezer Type Mold Making

  • Easily Replaces Squeezers and can use the same floor space and infrastructure.
  • Automatic Mold Making hands free with no lifting, consistent quality & production.
  • Robust Machine designed for ease of operation and long-term reliability.
  • Existing Sand System can be used with minimal modifications in most applications.
  • Existing Pour Line can be used with minimal modification in most applications.
  • Existing Patterns can be used if a minimum of 5/8” thick on N-22, 1” is generally recommended.
  • Special Molding Capability contouring, special peening, open risers, chills, & multi-sprue locations.
  • Custom Flask Size to closely suit existing patterns, within max. capacity constraints.
  • Core setting outside of the mold making area at bench height.
  • Thin Matchplates can be transferred to an insert system for quick change capability.

Features & Specs

  • Dust tight Controls, NEMA-12 Control Panel.
  • Self-Contained Hydraulic System Reservoir, Cartridge Filter.
  • Adjustable Electronic Hydraulic Controls for precise control.
  • Squeeze Pressure programmable adjustment provides consistent mold hardness.
  • Table impact vibrator assists in the packing of sand during fill and squeeze.
  • Pattern Vibrator, activates as the Pattern is being stripped from the mold.
  • Positive Mold Closing, automatic and outside the machine.
  • PLC Control provides long-term reliability, and interface with external sand and conveyor systems.
  • Light Curtains and guards are standard.
  • Flask Size Capacity: up to 16” x 22” & 6” over 6”

Production & Cost Control

  • Recallable Optimized Settings/Recipes: On machine memory allows the correct recipes for each matchplate to be recalled making process repeatability possible.
  • Process Repeatability: keeps production predictable with automatic operation and minimal operator involvement.
  • Productivity, Utilization. & Repeatability; equal Production & Cost Control with recallable optimized recipes, limited operator involvement, and process repeatability.