Rebuild Program

Rebuild Service is a complete remanufacture of your machine, making it into a new machine with all of the latest features and capabilities using these steps:

  • Machine Assessment, machine is inspected to determine what parts can be salvaged.
  • Not-to-Exceed Pricing, a list of all salvageable components with total project pricing will be submitted for approval before your machine is sent to Harrison or any work is done.
  • Disassembly, the entire machine is taken down to the component level.
  • New Parts, all necessary new components are made or ordered.
  • Salvaged Parts, major components such as the frame, carts, platens, rollovers, gassing heads, sheet metal, and investment system are usually salvageable keeping cost down.
  • Assembly, the machine is put through new machine assembly procedures.
  • Safety Systems, all Rebuilt machines are equipped with the latest safety systems.
  • Controls, the latest level of controls, software, pneumatics, valves, and sensors will be installed.
  • Painting, all salvaged parts are thoroughly cleaned, the entire machine is finished as a new machine with the latest decals and labeling.
  • Testing, your machine will be tested as a new machine and must pass new machine standards for performance and reliability.
  • Warranty, a Full New Machine Warranty is standard, along with new manuals printed & on CDR.
  • Delivery, generally this service takes 8-10 weeks from receipt of the machine at Harrison, Erie, PA.
  • Price, each machine is different. Generally, PLC controlled machines between 60% and 80% the price of a new machine; Non-PLC machines don’t qualify for this program but can be traded in.