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Compare Core Machines

Compare Core Machines and Core Making Processes
Core Making Process Control & Repeatability

  • Optimized core box program/settings stored in memory - recall optimum settings every time & lock-out unauthorized editing = Process Control.
  • Auto-System monitoring reduces operator involvement = Repeatability.
  • Quick Change System eliminates setup variables = Control & Repeatability.

Maintain Scheduling Accuracy

with process control & repeatability.

Core Making Cost Control

with repeatable settings & setups; consistent quality; high productivity; reduced waste, energy usage, & emissions; and scheduling accuracy.

Gain Cost Control

Core Making Productivity & Utilization

  • Two stations running two different jobs simultaneously = High Utilization.
  • Short setups, machine speed, and consistent quality = High Productivity.
  • Optimized recallable settings for each box = Consistent Quality & Productivity.
  • High reliability, locally available parts, easy maintenance access, and a low level of operator involvement = High Productivity & Utilization.
Increase Productivity & Utilization

Core Making Energy Usage & Emissions

  • Higher productivity & utilization = Fewer Machines Required.
  • Fewer machines = Lower Core Making Energy Usage & Related Emissions.
Reduce Energy Usage & Emissions

Two Station Core Making Productivity Example

  • Cycle time: Right side = 40sec. & Left side = 30sec.
  • 120 Seconds = 3 Rt. side & 4 Lft. side cycles = total 7 blows.
  • 2 minutes = 7 Blows on HMC vs. 3 or 4 on a Single Station machine.

Semi-Automatic Core Making Operation

  • In Auto-Mode all the operator does is cycle start and unload cores.
  • In between unloading there is often time to clean, paste, and/or assemble.
  • Heat-up one side while other side is in production.

Core Making Flexibility

  • Multiple short cycles on one side during one long cycle on the other side.
  • Constant demand job on one side, multiple short runs on the other side.
  • Two piece core run one per side simultaneously & assembled between unloading.
  • Satisfy 2 customers’ demands at once.

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