Core Machine Automation

Harrison Machine Co. has for many years offer automated unloaders with our core machine products. As with all progressive companies this aspect of our offerings has evolved from simple mechanical systems to today high reliability high speed systems.

Harrison Dual Station Core Machines, both Hot processes & Cold processes, are by design highly flexible and very productive adding automated core unloading oprocesses nly enhances those benefits in that it allow one operator the ability to tend more than one Dual Station Core Machine.

Three types of automated core unloading are offered:

Pick-and-Place, a two axis pneumatic system with a dedicated un-loaders and output conveyors for each station.
Available in: DCP (dual station cold box); DSP (dual station shell).

Robotic, for larger systems, one articulated robot unloads 4 stations (2 dual station machines) with a core catcher auto-changer available to allow up to 4 different cores to be run simultaneously.
Available in: DCR (dual station cold box); DSR (dual station shell).

Tilt Type, a platen on each station tilts either down or up to unload cores; down tilt systems automatically deposit ejected cores onto output conveyors under each station; up tilt systems present core above the vise for either manual or automated removal.
Available in: DCT (dual station cold box); DST (dual station shell).