Sand Transport Systems

Sand Transport Systems

Harrison has for many years offer a selection of Sand Transport devices centered around our, first of its kind, pneumatic sand pump. Still the center of the Harrison dry sand transport system offerings it has been applied to a wider variety of applications.

Harrison dry material storage and pneumatic transport systems meet a wide variety of application requirements from supplying a single core machine to a number of machines, mixers, and additive systems. The control valves in this system can be interfaced with most machine controls for automatic operation.

Two types of transport systems are offered: Bulk Hoppers and standalone Sand Pumps.

Bulk Hoppers are designed to store the contents of a basket or sack with brackets for a second basket on top and either a gravity or a sand pump outlet. Click on Bulk Hoppers in the green box for more info.

Sand Pumps standalone pumps with a small batch hopper and control valving designed to interface with most machine controls or to run by manual command input. Click on Sand Pumps in the green box for more info.