Harrison Mold Machines

Harrison has for many years offer a selection of Green sand Matchplate Mold Machines, the first mold machine alternative to Squeezers, and we never strayed from our initial focus on mold making in small and medium size foundries. As with all progressive companies our offerings have evolved from simple hydraulic systems to today’s high reliability computerized systems.

Harrison mold making systems are the only ones specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller foundries without the having to make an additional major investment in infrastructure and support systems.

Two types of automated mold making are offered: N-Series and DMC.

N-Series Greensand Matchplate machine is designed to directly replace old squeezers and to use most existing sand supply and pouring infrastructure with minimum adaptation. The system is designed to work with any flask size within max capacity and it offers a unique quick change matchplate insert holder system. Click on N-Series in the green box for more info.

DMC Dual Mold/Core system offers many advanced mold and core making capabilities the most important being that it is designed for smaller foundries to provide them with a unique competitive advantage. One operator makes both molds and cores on the same machine at the same time with unparalleled flexibility and versatility. Click on DMC in the green box for more info.