DMC Dual Mold/Core machines

Harrison DMC - Dual Mold/Core Machines

Harrison DMC - Dual Mold & Core Machines

Ideal for most Job Shop, Small, and Medium size foundries where an increased Competitive Advantage is required; replaces squeezers, greensand, no-bake, old mold and core machines.

Unparalleled Capability & Flexibility

  • Make Molds & Cores on the same machine at the same time with one operator on the same machine at the same time, with Dual Station design.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Split Molds just change flask type to switch from one to the other, double casting cross section capacity with horizontal split molds
  • Cores are made the same as on the standard HMC Cold Box machines with existing boxes.
  • Multiple Flask & Pattern Sizes accommodated, within machine capacity, changing flasks is like changing a core box.
  • Make 2 Different Molds, vertically split, at the same time.
  • Make 2 Different Cores at the same time.
  • Make Both Halves of a horizontally split mold at the same time.
  • All Cold Cure Processes Supported.

Dual Station Productivity & Utilization

  • Increase Operator Output: One Operator makes and assembles molds and cores.
  • Semi-Automatic Operation: the machine drives the process for predictable results.
  • Quick Change Mounting System: available, change flasks & boxes in just a few minutes.
  • Advanced Process Control: helps to make the cure cycle more efficient and facilitates a reduction in the amount of binder needed.
  • Higher Productivity: because of the nature of HMC Dual Station System machines have a much shorter machine time part of the cycle.

Reduced Energy & Emissions

  • Superior Productivity, Utilization, and Flexibility: one Harrison machine meets capacity demand, replacing several old systems and machines.
  • Vertically Split Molds allow the use of unique sprue, runner, and gating technology that can increase yield reducing melt energy requirements significantly.
  • Fewer Machines equal less energy used, especially if some old machines use natural gas for processing.
  • Lower Energy Usage equals less related energy consumption emissions.
  • Low-Emissions Binders Recommended new silicate technology makes superior mold and core quality and can significantly reduce emissions.
  • Smart Cure System reduces the amount of binder needed reducing cost and emissions.
  • Lower Emissions equals less cost for regulations compliance and lower remediation expenses.
  • Higher Productivity & Fewer Machines means more cores per energy & labor unit equals lower operating cost.
  • Lower Operating Cost equals a quick payback & higher margins, both equal an increased Competitive Advantage.

Complete DMC System Package

  • DMC Machine includes Smart Cure and Smart Blow Systems, available with additional flasks in various sizes and quick change mounting systems.
  • Mold Lift Assist System floor mounted in front of the DMC machine for servicing either or both stations with integrates controls.
  • Sand/Binder Mixer with integrated controls, either a machine mounted continuous mixer or a stand mounted batch mixer, many existing mixers can be adapted.
  • Mold Closer for vertical or horizontal split molds.
  • Pour Line roller conveyor system, motorized or gravity type.
  • Shake-Out System, existing system can usually be adapted.
  • Sand Delivery System, most existing systems can be adapted.
  • Sand Reclamation System a high efficiency non-thermal Hydrocustic process with a dryer using waste heat if available.


ModelBox CapacityPattern Plate Cap.Max Casting Vert.Max casting Horz.
DMC-181818”H x 18”W x 8”T16”H x 16”W x .5”T6”12"
DMC-1818-L18”H x 18”W x 10”T16”H x 16”W x .5”T8”16”
DMC-182418”H x 24”W x 10”T16”H x 22”W x .75”T6”12”
DMC-1824-L18”H x 24”W x 12”T16”H x 22”W x .75”T8”16”
DMC-242424”H x 24”W x 10”T22”H x 22”W x .75”T6”12”
DMC-2424-L24”H x 24”W x 12”T22”H x 22”W x .75”T8”16”
DMC-243024”H x 30”W x 10”T22”H x 28”W x .75”T6”12”
DMC-2430-L24”H x 30”W x 14”T22”H x 28”W x .75”T10”19"